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NetSource Capital is a dynamic new Venture Capital (VC) fund directed by

CEO and Fund Manager Niki Marie Eckardt. 

Niki is a trail-blazer – a  leader in securing national and international funding across North America, the UK and Europe for successful entrepreneurs.

 With more than 30 years of experience in capital investments, business ownership, mentorship, state-of-the-art business strategies and large-scale marketing, your investment is primed for success.


How It Works

For Start-Up Companies;

  • If a start-up is selected, NetSource Capital provides Seed Round funding ($250K),  A Round funding (up to $1-2 M), and B Round funding ($4-5M) as your company scales up past the initial start-up stage.
  • For successful companies requiring higher levels of B Round funding ($50M+), NetSource Capital has the option to seek additional funds from banks or committed investors.
  • NetSource leaders will sit on the start-up’s Board of Directors, exploring the potential for royalties or other avenues that are negotiated with your company.

Our client contracts are exclusive, so start-ups don’t need to scramble after capital from other investors.  Instead, we provide all rounds of funding to successful clients so they can focus on business growth and development.



Our Approach:

  • NetSource Capital is a 5 to 7-year fund with a complete exit of liquidation at the end of 7 years.
  • NetSource Capital provides investors with a secure-funded investment. Of course, there’s always some risk, but our quality controls and strategic safeguards mitigate risks.
  • We work with accredited investors and certified brokers, following all Security Commission Regulations and global economic requirements.
  • When exiting the portfolio companies, the liquidity will be deposited into the fund for further investment. With this strategy, the NetSource Capital fund will continually grow and have high long-term returns.

Our funding model establishes better-than-industry-standard safeguards for investors, decreasing risk levels significantly. With our rigorous safeguards and focus on quality investments over quantity, NetSource Capital start-up clients have the potential for substantially higher success rates than the industry average  and, therefore, a higher level of income flow at the point of exit.


Our Mission


You become part of the global Net Source Inc family if a start-up is selected for our VC funding.  We’ll walk you through, step by step.

  • Every start-up funded by NetSource Capital will pay $35k into Net Source, a separate company focused on Operations.
  • Don’t worry: Start-up Clients will be given an additional $35K by our VC fund, which you’ll pay directly to Net Source. (For example, if your start-up needs $250K in seed funding, you will receive $285K from NetSource Capital – including the $35K which the client pays immediately to Net Source Inc.)

You’re covered! After we approve VC funding, the Net Source team steps in, providing curated mentorship, marketing guidance, valuation metrics, and peer-to-peer support at every growth stage, from Seed to Exit, tailored to your individual company needs. We also offer online and in-person workshops at our corporate offices.

The Net Source family will spend more time in an individual start-up’s efficient, effective development every month than other accelerators spend with clients throughout their entire funding lifecycle!


We know entrepreneurs are change-makers, generating economic growth, global well-being and community vibrancy.  Contact us to find out how we can build out your vision for a fantastic future.

Getting Started

We see entrepreneurs as change-makers, generating economic growth, personal well-being and community vibrancy.  Contact us to find out how we can build out your vision for a robust future.



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